G2P provide solutions for gas fired power applying:

  • Cogeneration or Combined heat and power “CHP”
  • Trigeneration
  • Simple cycle
  • Combined cycle

Gas to power applications are attractive because they deliver a variety of energy, environmental and economic benefits. These benefits stem from the fact that these applications produce energy where it is needed, avoid wasted heat, and reduce Transmission and distribution network and other energy losses. Other benefits cited by policy makers and industry include:

Cost savings for the energy consumer
Lower CO2 emissions
Reduced reliance on imported fossil fuels
Reduced investment in energy system infrastructure
Enhanced electricity network stability through reduction in congestion and ‘peak-shaving’; and
Beneficial use of local and surplus energy resources (particularly through the use of waste, biomass and geothermal resources in district heating/cooling systems).

Gas to power applications provide a variety of options, all based on the thermal efficiency model where the “economics of the technology application “is most important.

Reciprocating engines are well suited to a variety of distributed generation applications, and are used throughout industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities for power generation and CHP. Reciprocating engines start quickly, follow load well, have good part load efficiencies, and generally have high reliabilities.

G2P can offer our clients solutions from various gas sources

  • Natural gas
  • Methane rich gas
  • Furnace waste gas
  • Biogas
  • Landfill gas
  • Propane or LPG