Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

“the key to success is the sum of the whole of the values of all the players”


G2P believes in strategic alliances including legal /financial advisors and other developers and operators that may have extensive knowledge to add to the overall concept.

Gas2Power has established a regional working partnership with eleQtra. eleQtra is a lead developer of projects in the infrastructure sector, with particular emphasis on public/private partnerships.

eleQtra was established in 2005, has offices in London, New York, Kampala, Accra and Lusaka. eleQtra employs over 30 professionals with expertise in project development, finance, engineering, legal and environmental and social governance. Areas of interest include Renewable Energy, Conventional Power and Energy, Transportation and Water.

eleQtra works across multiple stages of the development and construction process; identifying infrastructure projects, developing bankable projects that attract private sector investors, conducting feasibility studies, mobilizing funding sources, achieving financial close and overseeing project construction and operation.

Throughout this process, eleQtra can partner, as required, with host governments, local organisations, major multinational corporations and local partners.